All-inclusive property management for your luxury home

As a luxury homeowner in and around London, you don’t just have a complicated house to take care of; you also need to manage the staff. We can help with both, so all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful home.

We offer the complete package—maintenance of your property and management of household staff. You still have the same team of people looking after your home, but we handle the payroll and HR management.

Your people, our management

Managing a team of people requires considerable time and effort: salaries and expenses must be paid, employee issues solved, and holidays and annual leave monitored and approved.

With our tailored HR management service for luxury estates, you can sit back and relax whilst we:

  • Provide HR letters and liaise with staff as required
  • Prepare and provide staff employment contracts
  • Manage the staff, whether it’s general management or day-to-day
  • Report staff issues and recommend resolution as required
  • Approve and oversee holidays and leave as required
  • Conduct annual reviews as required/requested
  • Undertake monthly payroll calculations and all associated administration

Complete payroll management for large estates

Leave all monthly payroll calculations and associated administrative tasks to us. We’ll distribute payslips to your staff through a convenient payslip portal. Simultaneously, we’ll reconcile the monthly payroll payments with your funds.

We can also handle all ad hoc payments, as required. Your staff will still look after your home, but we’ll handle the tedious parts of the employment process for you.

  • Collating and processing of (no-contract) staff invoicing and associated administration
  • Staff costs budgeting, reporting, individual ad hoc calculation, expenditure management
  • Personnel record keeping as required
Victorian style living room with modern furniture in Luxurious London Flat
A luxury home in Fulham which is managed by The London Management Company who keep it in pristine condition.

Easy transfer of employment

Taking over the staff isn’t simple, but we have the experience and expertise to handle the TUPE of existing or incumbent staff, as required, and provide general HR advice. Our expert team will ensure that the transfer of employment meets legal requirements. We’ll also undertake health and safety assessments at your request.

Recruitment of additional employees for luxury homes

Do you need additional personnel in your housekeeping team? We’d be happy to help you with the recruitment process* as part of our property and staff management services.

If you require someone to fill a general housekeeping position, we’ll handle the hiring for you. If you need a skilled worker, we partner with leading household recruitment agencies to handle all of your needs.

Simply tell us what you need. We’ll find the perfect candidate for you.

*Additional 20% recruitment fee applies

modern dinning room with marble wall feature

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