Bespoke cleaning and housekeeping services from London’s premier property management provider


Do you need professional cleaners and housekeepers who can clean your luxury property with true attention to detail? Our highly trained, multi-lingual team is here to help.

  • Experienced in-house cleaning personnel
  • Interior, exterior, and specialist cleaning services
  • Careful cleaning carried out to your exact requirements
  • Experts in cleaning high-value items and furnishings

Specialising in the management of Super Prime properties in London and Surrey, we have built a team of highly trained professional cleaners with a specific skill set and knowledge base, ensuring your property is cared for using the correct products. Our specialist cleaning services in London can be carried out both ad hoc or with regular, scheduled visits to meet your needs. We also provide high-end cleaning services for your vacant luxury properties.

Leave your everyday cleaning and housekeeping to our highly trained team

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find your home spotless, shiny, and perfectly organised, without having to spend your free time cleaning?

Our in-house cleaning personnel are here to make it happen for you. Whether we visit daily, weekly, or monthly, we’ll happily handle your everyday cleaning tasks.

We will develop a bespoke cleaning schedule with you to ensure we are meeting your exact cleaning requirements; from fitting the correct linen to the correct beds, to ensuring the right cleaning product is used on the appropriate surfaces. And because we record every detail of your preferences, you’ll receive the same premium service every time.


Premium quality, careful cleaning

With over 11 years of experience in managing luxury properties, our team excels in providing high-end cleaning services to London’s most exclusive areas. Whether we’re cleaning a Murano glass chandelier or keeping your granite worktops looking brand new, we take the utmost care of your home.

A stunning dining room which has been expertly cleaned by The London Management Company's luxury cleaning services.

Homecoming cleans performed to your exact specifications

When you’re coming home after a trip away, our team can visit your home to prepare for your return. We’ll make sure that every inch of your property is presented perfectly, from the exterior façade, windows, and terrace to your carpets, stonework, and upholstery.

What’s more, we can also ensure that your heating is set to your exact preference, your refrigerator is fully stocked, and your favourite flowers are on display.

Post-departure cleaning

We can also arrange cleaning visits when you’re departing for a trip. Our team will arrive after you’ve departed to change your bed linen, take out your rubbish, and ensure everything is in the right place.


Specialist cleaning services for London luxury properties

In addition to every-day cleaning and housekeeping, our team can carry out additional tasks that require specialist equipment or skills, including:

  • Pool cleaning
  • Marble and stone cleaning
  • Wooden floor cleaning, buffing and refurbishment
  • Chandelier cleaning
  • Steam-cleaning and Jet-washing
  • Window cleaning by hand
A marble breakfast bar which has been expertly cleaned by The London Management Company's luxury cleaning services.

Our in-house cleaning personnel can offer carpet, curtain & upholstery cleaning that preserves the luxury quality of your soft furnishings.

After our specialist treatment, you’ll find your carpets feel, look and smell as good as new. And because we are experts in cleaning luxury properties, we are well-equipped to handle delicate materials such as silk, viscose, and wool.

We can provide these specialist cleaning services on a regular basis (e.g quarterly), or ad hoc in the event of an accidental spill.

When you want your home looking its best, a professional window clean can help it to truly sparkle from afar. Fortunately, our team includes a windows expert who can make even the dustiest panes and frames look like new.

Our expert cleans solely by hand, paying attention to the panes, seals and surrounding frames (which is especially important for sash windows). The result is that your windows look gloriously shiny and sparkly from outside, whilst giving you a crystal-clear view of your surroundings from inside. Read more on our Window Cleaning in London services.

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior and may require additional attention—particularly during autumn and winter. We can visit at regular intervals to handle those time-consuming exterior cleaning duties on your behalf.

  • Gutter and drain cleaning - By regularly clearing debris (like fallen leaves) from your drains, we prevent the blockages that can lead to water damage.
  • White stucco façade cleaning - We provide steam-cleaning to give your exterior walls a fresh, glowing appearance you can be proud of.
  • Stone surface cleaning - With professional jet-washing from our team, stone surfaces—like your front doorstep or patio—look almost as pristine as the day they were installed.

Our personnel can handle almost any request for specialist cleaning services in London, even if the specific service is not listed here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our core cleaning personnel are all permanent members of our in-house team, not external contractors. You can rest assured that all of our personnel have been background-checked and are trained to offer a reliable, discrete service.

We endeavour to send the same cleaning personnel to your residence whenever possible. This helps our team to get to know your home and your preferences, allowing us to better meet your requirements.

We provide our luxury cleaning services as part of your overall property management package, which you would pay for monthly.

Your package will be tailor-made to your requirements and will include the everyday cleaning that you need regularly (for example, a minimum of three hours per week). Should you require additional or specialist cleaning, this will be added to your monthly charge.

However, our team endeavours to ensure you never spend more than is necessary. Our cleaning team is here to give you honest advice on how frequently (or infrequently) you might need aspects of our luxury cleaning services.

In addition to locations in central London, we also serve clients in Surrey. We have teams working in prime areas such as:

  • Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington
  • Belgravia, Fulham and Knightsbridge
  • Regent Street, Soho, Fitzrovia and Marylebone
  • Surrey’s Crown Estate, Wentworth Estate, and St. George’s Hill.

When you begin using our management services, you’ll have your own property manager—a member of our team who is your primary contact at TLMC. Your property manager will record all of your preferences on our bespoke management software, right down to the smallest details (such as the way you prefer your sheets to be folded and which cleaning products you prefer us to use).

Should you require a change in your services while you’re away, simply pass the request on to your property manager. They will then ensure that the cleaning & housekeeping team receives appropriate instruction. If you leave a set of keys in our possession, our cleaning personnel will then visit your home while you’re away (before storing your keys securely).