Luxury pressure washing services in London and Surrey

Taking care of your luxury property is not just about housekeeping and cleaning the interior but also upkeeping the exterior. Even the most high-end home is susceptible to the effects of the weather and elements and requires care to bring it back to its original glory.

If your prime or super-prime property’s exterior is getting affected by dust, dirt, grime, and slime, we are happy to provide you with our luxury pressure washing services in London, including Kensington, Mayfair, Marylebone, Chelsea, as well as the Surrey area.

Our fully vetted in-house pressure washing personnel will make sure your residence or investment property in London and Surrey continues to look its best at all times, no matter the size of the affected area.


Complete Range of Jet Washing Services in London

We have a team of experienced professionals who understand the requirements of maintaining the outdoor surfaces of your property. Your luxury home has to deal with the wet English weather, which leads to mud and dirt as well as moss, algae, and carbon buildup on your patio, terrace, walls and façade.

With our jet washing, power washing, and soft washing services, we restore your luxury property’s exteriors to a like-new state.

Your premises will reflect your beautifully managed home’s interiors, with all tiles, paths, cladding, walls, decking, patio, windows, roof, and all other surfaces washed to perfection.

We are experts in cleaning and maintaining prime and super-prime properties. That gives us unique insights into the requirements of larger residential homes. No matter how large the area, we will be able to restore your outside surfaces efficiently.

The London Management Conpany providing soft washing services for roofing and stucco

Soft Washing Services for Roofing and Stucco

Our qualified team of expert professionals understand the needs of different materials. If your luxury property has a white stucco façade, tiled roof, or a wooden patio, we also provide soft washing services for a gentler clean.

With a much lower pressure and water temperature of a soft wash, you can be sure that any delicate or easily-damaged parts of your property are cleaned carefully yet thoroughly. The mild bleach also effectively kills moss, algae, and mildew, so your outdoor surfaces stay stain-free for longer.


Why You Need Our Pressure Washing London services

After a cold and wet winter, the porous surface of tiles, bricks, stones, wood, and concrete are saturated with water. When the weather warms up, the warm, moist surface becomes prime breeding grounds for moss, algae, and mould.

Wet weather also brings mud, which is transported on shoes and pets’ paws onto all your tiles, deckings, and patio. This mud may also find its way on to your walls when heavy rain splatters.

Our high-end pressure washing services can help restore the beauty of your home quickly and easily.

Front door of London home, with The London Management Company explaining why you need pressure washing services

Pressure Washing for a Deeper Clean

Whether it’s slippery paving stones caused by algae, dust trapped in the joints of your wrought iron gates and patio furniture, our pressure cleaning service will ensure that everything ends up spotless at the end of it, no matter how demanding or complex the requirements.

And, we will make sure that the service is carried out professionally, without impeding on your privacy.

What’s more, our efficient cleaning team will always work with your preferences in mind. Once you tell us how you want your property pressure cleaned, your estate manager will keep them on record so you always receive consistent service.

Jet Washing Services for All Surfaces

Your home can have a variety of hard surfaces that have been accumulating stains, marks, and dirt. Our high-end pressure washing service in London is designed to clean all of them.

We can even clean surfaces like glass and stucco that require a gentler touch—without any damage to the surface or finish.

Whether you need our pressure washing services on an ad hoc or on a monthly basis, we can arrange it for you. We are also happy to book it in if, during a scheduled maintenance inspection, we think your property needs it.


The front facade of a home in London, receiving jet washing for all surfaces
Property management combined with pressure washing services by The London Management Company

Pressure washing London and other property management services

At The London Management Company, we have years of experience in managing and maintaining luxury prime, and super-prime properties. Our pressure washing services are a part of a complete portfolio of solutions we provide, including residence management, property and lifestyle, maintenance, and housekeeping & cleaning.

We also offer vacant property management, where we take care of the security, cleaning, and preventative maintenance of your home.

Each of our services is personalised to your specific needs, including regular inspections and upkeep. Your home’s value and heritage are protected while you maintain your lifestyle.

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Pressure Washing London Frequently Asked Questions

We provide property management as well as pressure washing services in London and surrounding areas. That includes high-end jet washing services in Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington, Marylebone, as well as across Surrey. Here’s a list of London areas we service:

  • SW1, SW3, SW6, SW7, SW11 and surrounding areas
  • NW1, NW3, NW8 and surrounding areas
  • W1, W2, W8, W9, W10, W11 and surrounding areas
  • WC1 & WC2

We clean all exterior surfaces, including wood, brick, stone, concrete, tiles, and PVC. We also provide soft washing services for less-hardy surfaces such as glass, stucco, and certain types of wooden structures. If you aren’t sure about the surface you want cleaned, get in touch with us to find out if we can help you.

Pressure washing uses water extruded at a very high pressure to clean outside surfaces. Water hits the surface at a high force, pushing the stubborn dirt and stains out. This is preferable to using harsh chemicals to clean such areas, as these run off into the garden, killing the grass and plants.

Soft washing, on the other hand, uses the same principle, but uses a lower pressure combined with mild bleach. This makes it a better option for cleaning less durable or brittle surfaces like glass and stucco.

As part of our property management portfolio, we offer residence management, property and lifestyle, maintenance, and housekeeping and cleaning services. We also offer vacant property management, and other residential management services like window cleaning. To get a better understanding of what we offer, please visit our Services page.