Property Project Management services

The London Management Company can help you with your luxury property project management needs. If your prime or super-prime property requires upkeep, our experts will help you navigate your redecoration, refurbishment, or maintenance needs.

Bespoke property and project management from start to finish

As part of our service, we assign your home a dedicated property manager. That means your home always gets personalised attention, so your preferences are always at the forefront.

We understand that your property must follow a regular maintenance schedule to retain its high-end appearance. Our maintenance service—which can be scheduled, preventative, ad hoc, or emergency—ensures your home looks stunning and retains its timeless appeal.

Caring for your luxury home includes repair projects and managing any renovations you might want to undertake. And, as seasoned property managers, we understand that such tasks are not quite straightforward. Certain projects require specialist tradespeople, whilst others may need approvals and permissions. Here’s where our experience and expertise allow us to provide you with exceptional results.

We know your property intimately, and we have a ready list of vetted contractors and service people on call.

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Your property, managed flawlessly

Your redecoration and refurbishment projects are also in safe hands with us. Whether it’s inside your home or outside in your garden, our services ensure that the work is completed to your exacting standards.

  • Lift maintenance
  • Central heating systems maintenance
  • Air conditioning systems servicing and repairs
  • Pools and heating/filtration systems maintenance and repairs
  • Security system checks
  • Fire and intruder alarm maintenance
  • Lighting control systems
  • Marble and natural stone surfaces
  • Doors and windows
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Media and entertainment systems
  • Garden and Grounds maintenance
  • Renovation projects
  • Redecoration, wallpapering, and tiling
  • New flooring installation
  • Fitting of kitchen and bathroom suites
  • Installing or changing light fixtures
  • Minor electrical projects
  • Improvements to exterior facades
  • Bespoke joinery
  • Project management

Whilst we don’t undertake property build project management, we can help point you towards reliable people who do more extensive construction work. You can choose from a network of trusted partners who can carry out various renovation projects, with the assurance that we only bring you the best of the best.

Why Choose Us?

Imagine stepping into a world where your every wish is transformed into reality—that’s what The London Management Company does for you. Our network consists of trusted designers, architects, and craftspeople who have extensive experience working in London’s most prestigious and historic neighbourhoods.

Whether it’s a complete interior overhaul or a selective refurbishment, we manage every aspect with precision. From sourcing the finest materials to implementing a colour palette that matches your sensibilities, we tailor every facet of the project to create an ambience that’s unique to you.

We don’t just manage projects; our bespoke approach enables us to infuse your property with your personality, ensuring it reflects your individuality and tastes.

We don’t just manage projects; our bespoke approach enables us to infuse your property with your personality, ensuring it reflects your individuality and tastes.

Throughout the journey, we’ll keep you informed about every phase of the project. Your satisfaction is our priority, and open communication is the cornerstone of our success.

Harley Street buildings in Marylebone

Comprehensive project management: Property maintenance services across London

Our range of services is designed to cover all your property management requirements—including prime, super prime, luxury, vacant, residential, and private homes. We manage client’s homes in and around London, including Marylebone, Chelsea, and Mayfair, as well as areas of Surrey.

If you own a luxury property in London and want complete property management, we can offer you an exhaustive suite of services tailored to your exact requirements.

Our residence management service starts with a detailed property assessment, where we create a profile of your requirements. We then use the profile to design a management plan tailored for you.

Our record of your profile is comprehensive, with detailed notes on exactly how you want your home maintained. It helps us provide you with residence management that’s consistent, even when your regular team members are away on annual leave.

What’s more, you can choose from an à la carte menu of services, which, among other things, includes project management of any repair or interior redesign in the property.

Our personalised concierge service is ideal if your London property isn’t your primary residence. When you do come to enjoy your home, we can ensure that you get the full experience of luxury living.

Armed with years of knowledge, our team can assist and advise you on a variety of activities. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated evening out, tickets to the Wimbledon final, or entertainment for a party at home, we’re happy to bring your plans to life.

Our experienced maintenance staff can help you uphold the appearance of your primary residence or investment property. With our network of skilled tradespeople, we ensure that any preventative or sudden repair and maintenance tasks are carried out to perfection.

The service is a great way of keeping your luxury home looking and performing its best at all times.

There’s nothing quite like coming back to a clean, well-maintained home.

That’s why our housekeeping and cleaning service factors in all your preferences, giving you a pristine space that’s inherently yours. From weekly cleaning to a deep clean after a redecoration project, we manage it all.

When you want your luxury home to operate smoothly, you might need some extra help to accomplish that. We’re happy to recruit and manage your staff, including drivers, nannies, butlers, chefs, and landscapers.

If security is a concern, we’ll arrange trained personnel for you. Your safety and comfort are our utmost priorities. Count on us to provide the team that maximises your luxury property’s potential.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect property and investment opportunities in London, why not use our knowledge and experience? Our search & acquisition service is designed to help you find, acquire, and manage your dream house, whether it’s to buy, rent, or let.

Does your luxury home need refurbishment under the expert supervision of the real property management experts?
Frequently Asked Questions

We have been providing top-notch luxury management services in Central London and Surrey since 2010—that’s over a decade of delivering excellence.

Unfortunately, whilst we do project management for property refurbishment, we don’t currently provide property project management for large-scale builds. However, we’d be happy to refer you to someone from our trusted network of contractors.

Of course, if you want us to oversee redecoration and refurbishment projects, we can do so from start to finish. We’ll even handle the hiring and procurement part of the project, whilst ensuring the design meets your approval.

Our Head office is located at 19 Grafton Mews, Fitzrovia, London W1T 5JB. However, whilst our office address is in Central London, we do have teams local to the areas we serve. No matter which part of London or Surrey your property is in, we can help.