• About Property Search

    The London Search Company offers a comprehensive property search service for all budgets, whether you are looking for a home, an investment, a rental property or an office, The London Search Company will help to ensure you find what you are looking for. Searching for a property in London is no easy task and requires four key ingredients to find and secure the best properties.

    · Time, to research the market place

    · Effort, to visit the agents and the properties

    · Knowledge, to ensure the right price is paid for the most suitable property

    · Commitment, to see the deal through to completion

    Living and working in London often means a busy and packed life, as such committing time and effort to finding the right property is easier said than done whilst combining it with a packed work and social life. The London Search Company ensures that the time and effort that our clients can commit is utilised to its maximum by ensuring that only the very best properties are shown, at times convenient to them.

    Knowledge of a market is something that is really only developed with years of experience trading within it. The London Search Company use the knowledge gained from working in the London property market to ensure that our clients benefit from our combined experiences, there really is very little that we haven’t seen.

    By using our combined experience and expertise we help to make the process of locating and securing the right property an easier and altogether more enjoyable experience.

    The commitment however is up to our clients.

    What client are you?

      • The London Search Company provides its clients with a comprehensive property acquisition service, whether they are looking for a home, an investment or a pied a terre The London Search Company will ensure that they see what the market has to offer and more. “Our clients will often find themselves walking through the front door of a property long before it hits the internet”

      • Searching for a rental property or relocating from another country can be a daunting process, especially if you donÕt know the city. Our rental / relocation service is designed to ensure that our clients find a suitable base in London either for the long or short term. Rental properties come on to the market quickly and go just as fast, as such our clients experience a high intensity service designed to ensure that they locate the right property quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption as possible. “More often than not we find a suitable rental property for our clients on the first tour, it is not uncommon for us to show over 20 properties in one day over a variety of suitable areas”

      • We are delighted to be able to offer a unique service for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Finding small office spaces to rent in prime central London is often much more about who you know rather than what you know, as such we combine our extensive network of contacts with door to door enquiries to locate suitable small to medium office spaces for start ups and small businesses. From restaurants to 5 desk spaces we have the energy and commitment to source the perfect working space.

    How We Work


    When we first meet our clients we discuss their search in depth in order to gain an understanding of what they are looking for and the purpose of the search. This meeting is critical both for us and for the client as we provide an honest appraisal of the search within the contexts of the budget, area and current market conditions.


    Having confirmed the search criteria in writing we set about contacting our network in order to hunt down the most suitable properties based on our clients brief. We ensure we visit each potentially suitable property before we create a shortlist of only the very best opportunities.


    Once we have created our shortlist we co-ordinate a suitable time with our clients where we can show them what we have found. We then gather feedback and refine the search until we find the right opportunity.


    By combining our knowledge of negotiation with in depth research we negotiate on behalf of our clients, whilst advising them on every aspect of the deal being struck, be it for a purchase or a rental.


    We manage every aspect of the conveyancing process, liaising with the agent, lawyers, surveyors, brokers and any other third party service providers as required. Our commitment to ensuring that the deal goes through ensures that all parties remain focused on their role in the purchasing process through to completion.

    On-going support

    Our job doesn’t end with the handing over of the keys. We develop long term relationships with our clients and our ability to offer an array of additional services to our clients through The London Management Company, means that we can manage every aspect of the home after the purchase is completed. (For more information on our services please visit ……)

    Additional Services

    International Search

    The London Search Company has the ability to help our clients locate properties in other areas of the globe. By utilising our existing relationships we have the ability to source trustworthy and reputable experts in the key real estate locations across Europe, Asia and the US. Please contact us for more information.

    Property & Lifestyle Management

    Working under the umbrella of The London Management Company (Website link) we are able to offer our clients all the services available to The London Management Company members. The London Management Company offers property and lifestyle management for pied a terre owners, landlords, private and institutional investors and other property professionals. The ability to offer an array of services means that clients can extract the maximum value out of their London property. The London Management Company clients also benefit from cutting edge software which combined with a human presence across the city means they can manage their property from anywhere around the world. For more information please visit...

    Terms & Fees

    The London Search Company operates on the basis of a fixed retainer and a success fee, usually calculated as a percentage of the final purchase price or annual rent. All our clients are fully retained and our contracts are valid for 12 months.We inherently adopt an entrepreneurial approach to our fees and terms and endeavour not to fit our clients into predefined boxes, as such we are able to alter our terms and conditions depending on our clients requirements.

    To discuss how we can work with you, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7193 9979